Project management software from Germany

Rillsoft Cloud is project management software that combines the benefits of a desktop application with cloud performance, security and control, and offers a variety of project management features.

Create a project plan, plan resources, capacity levelling and more...

Application videos explain step by step how to use Rillsoft Cloud to create your project plans, use resources optimally and manage multiple projects running in parallel.




employee / month
annual billing
  • all planning functions
  • all additional modules
  • 1 floating license
  • 10 employee minimum purchase
  • 200 MB storage space for documents
  • support via ticket system


employee / month
annual billing
  • all planning functions
  • all additional modules
  • 2 floating licenses
  • 30 employee minimum purchase
  • 500 MB storage space for documents
  • support via ticket system

on demand

  • On-Premise(Ihr Server)
  • all planning functions
  • all additional modules
  • individually
  • individually
  • individually
  • individually

Frequently asked Questions(FAQ)

What planning functions are included?

Rillsoft Cloud solution via a client application Rillsoft Project provides powerful support for your project management with the following features:

  • Project planning - with Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, project templates and various import/export interfaces
  • Capacity planning - with calculation of available resources and resource requirements and with capacity leveling
  • Workforce Planning - with the qualitative, quantitative and temporal staff scheduling
  • Project controlling - with variance analysis for deadline tracking, effort differences and cost variances
  • Multi-project planning - with a project portfolio for best possible resource planning and with alternative portfolios
  • Reporting - with interactive analyses and reports

The detailed description can be found in the menu item Function.

What additional modules are included?

For additional modules you need a common internet browser like Google Chrome.

You can access the following modules:

  • Document Management System for management of your project documents
  • Timesheet - for recording hours worked and, if necessary, schedule adjustments
  • iCalendar - all team members can track their tasks in a personal calendar
  • Absence Management - with automatic comparison of vacation requests with planned tasks and, if necessary, warning about a time conflict
  • Role based Access Control - with differentiated access rights, so that all project members have access only to their data

Why do you need a floating license?

A floating license gives you access to the Rillsoft Project client application, so you could take full advantage of Rillsoft's planning features.

How many users can work with a floating license?

You can install the Rillsoft Project client application on any number of computers, but at the same time only as many users can schedule the projects and resources as you have floating licenses.

As soon as a user closes the Rillsoft Project, a license is released for other potential users.

How many users can access additional modules?

You can communicate the additional modules via a common Internet browser. All employees who are registered as users in Rillsoft Cloud and have the appropriate access rights can access time sheet, iCalendar, absence management and sick leave.

Thus, with a Starter subscription, up to 10 employees, and with a Standard subscription, up to 30 employees can work simultaneously with additional modules.

How many human resources can be entered in the resource pool?

For company-wide resource and capacity planning, a resource pool with all project-relevant resources serves as a starting point.

The maximum number of personnel resources in the resource pool in Rillsoft Cloud depends on the number of employees per subscription.
In Starter it is 10 employees and in Standard you can create up to 30 employees in the resource pool.
If required, you can of course expand your personnel resource quota in Rillsoft Cloud for a fee.

What does support include?

Support is included in all subscriptions via ticket system. You can simply ask your question or describe your problem here and a ticket will be created immediately, you will always be informed about its status.

How is the price calculated?

The cost of Rillsoft Cloud depends on the number of floating licenses, i.e. users who can actively use planning functions (Rillsoft Project), and the number of employees who can be created in the Rillsoft Project resource pool and use the additional modules of Rillsoft Cloud.

The price of a subscription is always charged for the full number of employees and for the whole year.
I.e. if you want to add less than 10 employees to the resource pool in the Starter subscription, the Starter subscription price will still be calculated for 10 employees.

The pricing for

  • Starter subscription with a floating license and 10 employees
    • 10 employees x 6 € x 12 months = 720 euros plus VAT per year
  • Standard subscription with two floating licenses and 30 employees
    • 30 employees x 4 € x 12 months = 1440 euros plus VAT per year

Why a project management software at all or what are the advantages of using a project and resource planning software?

When the company has a certain number of orders and traditional planning tools for project organization, such as Excel or shared task lists are no longer sufficient to effectively plan and organize project work. There is a lack of overview, who does what in the project team and when exactly. On top of that, employees (resources) in their specialist areas are expected to work on several parallel projects at the same time. Here, a good project management software can significantly simplify the planning of projects and resources and the effective control.
The advantages of a professional planning tool are:

  • Planning and controlling of projects with Gantt Chart (Gantt chart)
  • Resource and capacity planning
  • Project costs under control through variance analysis
  • Efficient resource planning with portfolio management
  • Project Reporting

Which project management software is the best choice for your company?

There are currently several project management tools on the software market that implement Gantt chart method. These range from powerful professional systems to systems that allow efficient management of projects, work schedules, resources, financial resources, etc.


When choosing a project management software, you should first of all understand for what tasks the project management system is needed, analyze the nature of the activity of your own company in terms of the possibility and expediency of using the project form of planning and management.

At the same time it is necessary to clearly imagine what activities can be planned in the form of projects, how detailed projects are to be planned and managed.

It of course to recommended not only to think about the current requirements, but as the future development of your company so also to consider the future viability of the project management tool used.

Before selecting project management software, questions about planning and management functionality should be answered, e.g. what do you need?

  • Planning only, or scheduling and controlling the progress of the project;
  • Scheduling and controlling only the timing of project tasks;
  • Project planning and control of financial investments without detailed resource planning;
  • Detailed resource planning and staff scheduling;
  • Multi-project management

Furthermore, the requirements for the following project components are to be defined:

  • Management organizational structure and reporting;
  • how many projects will run simultaneously and whether they are interdependent;
  • what is the estimated number of tasks per project;
  • How many types of resources will be involved in a project;
  • How resources are allocated between projects.

In addition, specific industry requirements can influence the choice of project planning software.

The qualification of the personnel who will operate the software is also important. Packages with a wider range of functions usually require higher user qualifications and additional training. They are aimed at professional users, i.e. professionals whose main activity is project management.

For users who use project management software only occasionally, when they need to schedule a small number of tasks, ease of use and speed of learning the software are more important.

The challenge for a medium-sized company is also to find a project management software that allows data exchange with other common software.

The distribution of employees across multiple locations and the need for constant project controlling determine whether you need a cloud solution or rather a desktop application.

It also depends on what field you work in and where your project starts. In the creative industry, the focus can be on collective sketches of ideas, while in the construction industry you often already have a clear plan for which you need a precise distribution of tasks and control over the execution.

Why should you try and choose our capacity planning software Rillsoft Cloud?

Helps set deadlines and facilitates project planning

Rillsoft Cloud enables simultaneous planning of a large number of project tasks, display of project flow in Gantt and network views, subdivision of a work breakdown structure in several levels.

Comments on tasks and document control support communication between project team members.


Gantt chart and other views in Rillsoft Cloud provide you with a great way to see all the components of the project at a glance. This makes it easy to determine what needs to be done next.

Planning of the entire use of resources

The support of project resource and cost planning. An allocation of resources and costs of individual project tasks.

Working with all types of resources, human, material, financial, e.g. people, groups, costs, equipment, etc.

Two variants of resource planning, such as resource-constrained „with fixed resource capacity“ as well as time-constrained „with fixed task and project duration“, are available.

Thanks to a capacity comparison of all personnel resources, taking into account their qualifications, Rillsoft Cloud has everything to optimize resource allocation and ensure successful project completion at the lowest possible costs.

Multi-project planning and control

With a multi-project planning functionality, Rillsoft Cloud allows independent projects to be integrated into a single multi-project, enabling a project manager to:

  • Analysis and planning of resources for multi-project level with prioritization of projects;
  • Reservation of resources for specific projects according to their priority within the project portfolio;
  • and analysis of the impact of the implementation of one project on the others and on the whole portfolio.

Monitoring the progress of the project

Ongoing monitoring of time, resource consumption and costs is part of the Rillsoft Cloud and contributes to successful project execution.

Target project plans can be saved for comparison with current project status and percentages of completion can be entered for project tasks.

Three variance analysis views provide an overview:

  • whether the time scheduled for a project corresponds to the time really required for project completion,
  • whether an actual resource consumption matches the planned resource quantity,
  • whether actual costs do not exceed budgeted costs.


With Rillsoft Cloud, you can create various types of reports describing schedules, costs, quality control, and analytics, such as scheduling report, resource utilization and allocation reports, resource profiles, staffing plan, and consolidated reporting on all projects in the portfolio.

Hybrid solution

As a hybrid solution combining web and desktop app, Rillsoft Cloud combines a professional cloud solution with Rillsoft Project project planning software (desktop app).

It allows you to benefit from the advantages of both. Rillsoft Cloud brings security and reliability. Patches are applied at any time, updates are installed immediately, which means software is always up to date and does not require maintenance.

Our cloud servers are hosted exclusively in Germany and are 100% GDPR compliant.

The Rillsoft Cloud simplifies project sharing and scheduling. Each team member can see their scheduled tasks and track their status, update their own tasks by tracking time, attach files and comments, and submit vacation requests.

In contrast, as a desktop app, Rillsoft Project primarily enables complex or computationally intensive calculations such as project planning in a Gantt chart or capacity balancing in resource view.