Percentage Share by Professional Qualifications in Capacity View

Percentage Share of a Role Percentage Share of a Role

Analyzing the percentage share of professional qualifications in resource utilization plays a crucial role in optimizing the use of company resources.

The percentage share is calculated using a new algorithm starting from Rillsoft Project 9.

First, the existing skills and competencies are analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. For the percentage share of all roles, the number of resources with a specific professional role is determined, along with the total number of all resources. The percentage share of a particular professional qualification is then calculated by dividing the number of resources with that qualification by the total number of resources and multiplying it by 100. For the percentage share per role, the number of required resources with that qualification is divided by the number of available resources with that qualification and multiplied by 100.

The results provide you with deeper insights into the effects of qualification distribution on project success.

Percentage Share of All Roles Percentage Share of All Roles