Two Values of Resource Utilization Presented in the Capacity View

Resource Shortage and Free Capacity Resource Shortage and Free Capacity

In Rillsoft Project, the professional skills of each employee are recorded in the resource pool and then compared with the requirements of project tasks. The next step is to propose the human resources based on their professional qualifications and taking into account their working and non-working hours for project tasks. The Capacity View for Personnel provides an overview of this interactive distribution.

In older Rillsoft Project versions, only the average resource shortage per unit of time was represented as the resource demand value in the chart area. For example, if two person-days were missing in a calendar week, and one person-day was still available, the resulting resource demand value for the entire calendar week was -2 + 1 = -1 person-day.

Starting from Rillsoft Project 9, two values of resource utilization may be presented, specifically, the maximum resource shortage and the average resource coverage per unit of time. In the example mentioned above, you would see -2/+1 person-days for a calendar week.

Resource Shortage Resource Shortage