Workforce Planning Tool Ensures Optimal Resource Allocation

Workforce Planning Tool with optimal workload distribution Workforce Planning Tool with optimal workload distribution

Resource allocation is a critical aspect of project planning and execution. Even the older versions of Rillsoft Project filtered the resource pool during allocation to identify employees with the necessary professional qualifications for the project. At the same time, it is checked whether these selected human resources are available during the defined period, especially if they have days off.

The new option Distribute Effort Dynamically allows for reducing task duration, especially in the case of days off. This includes not only the analysis of the professional skills and knowledge of each employee, matched with the task requirements but also considers the workload and available capacities of the employees to avoid bottlenecks and overloads.

This feature enables you to distribute effort for a task among multiple employees with the same professional qualifications but different availability or productivity to minimize task duration. It takes into account the workload, available capacities of the employees, and their days off to effectively and optimally utilize human resources.

You have two options available:

  • You can set this option for the entire project by checking the “Distribute Effort Dynamically” checkbox in Project Properties.
  • If you want to distribute effort dynamically for a specific task, you can set it in the task properties under the “Personnel” tab using the “Distribute Effort Dynamically” checkbox.
Efficient Workforce Distribution
Efficient Workforce Distribution

A Workforce Planning Tool helps plan employee working hours efficiently to meet company requirements while ensuring that there is no overload or understaffing.

Distribute Effort Dynamically Distribute Effort Dynamically