Staff Scheduling Software for Optimal Employee Planning

Rillsoft Cloud software offers flexible and efficient staff scheduling. The graphical views for staff scheduling display the tasks assigned to employees, employee availability on assignments, and real-time information updates for optimal staff utilization. The software automatically detects each employee’s workload and warns in advance of overloading or understaffing.

Staff Scheduling Software for Optimal Employee Planning
Staff Scheduling for Optimal Employee Planning

Automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines via email ensure that task deadlines and order processing are met.

The software allows staff scheduling while considering factors such as vacations, training, business trips, and a variety of dependent variables - from planned parallel tasks or projects to an employee’s professional qualifications that make them suitable as a substitute.

Rillsoft Cloud staff scheduling software ensures that employees involved in a project are informed in a timely manner about changes or significant events in the project plan.

With Rillsoft Cloud, you can quickly and conveniently organize your staff scheduling, taking all relevant factors into account simultaneously.

Through the graphical views, employees can receive their project tasks and additional information (product, resource, and material information, order details, etc.) in a timely manner, assess their workload, and report unforeseen events.

The flexibility and intelligence of Rillsoft Cloud planning software allow you to dynamically prioritize projects, effectively and easily monitor teamwork, respond to changes, and make adjustments as needed.