Employee Workload in Multi-Project Planning

Keeping an Overview with Dynamic Employee Workload Insights

This evaluation dynamically informs you about the workload and, if necessary, overloading of your employees in a multi-project environment.

In both the planning phase of a single project and in the context of multi-project planning, Rillsoft Cloud checks if the selected employee has enough available time. It considers factors such as vacations, their tasks in other projects, team memberships, and professional competencies.

Rillsoft Cloud displays a list of all assigned employees and determines the number of employees needed, either summed up on a daily or weekly basis, as desired. You can view your employees’ scheduled times in both person-hours and as a percentage of full capacity.

To help you quickly identify overloads and idle times of your employees, these are highlighted with distinct colors.

Staff scheduling with warnings about overload conflicts Employee Workload with Overload

Employee Workload after Project Plan Correction Employee Workload after Plan Adjustment