Professional Qualifications as the Foundation of Workforce Scheduling

Professional Competencies for Rough Planning, Capacity Alignment, and Cost Estimation

Assign professional qualifications or roles to your personnel resources, creating an essential foundation for meaningful capacity alignment.

Whether you need to conduct rough planning or a feasibility study, you can achieve this – independent of specific individuals – through personnel planning based on professional competencies.

Start by selecting only the required professional qualifications for task execution and specifying the necessary quantity of corresponding resources. This provides you with information about the demand for employees with specific qualifications.

In concrete personnel scheduling, the previously assigned roles serve as filters. Rillsoft Cloud offers you only the eligible employees, taking into account their qualifications and availability for planning.

Professional Qualifications in the Resource Pool Professional Qualifications of Employees

Demand for Employees with Specific Qualifications Demand for Employees with Specific Qualifications