Query and Update Project, Portfolio, and Resource Pool to Reflect the Current State

Update Portfolio Update Portfolio

Starting from Rillsoft Project 9, when working with a portfolio containing projects opened in read-only mode or with individual read-only projects, you can use the “Update Project/Portfolio” button to query and, if necessary, update the opened projects to reflect their current state.

The “Update Project/Portfolio” button will be grayed out if you’ve made any changes in the portfolio but haven’t saved them yet.

Update Resource Pool Now, you can also query and update the resource pool to reflect its current state.

This approach allows you to consistently work with up-to-date project data and the resource pool, providing you with the following advantages:

Updated Information: By regularly updating your projects and resource pool, you always have the latest information about what’s happening in each project and which resources are available to you. This allows you to respond to changes quickly and make decisions based on current data.

Resource Prioritization: You can make better decisions about which resources are needed in the portfolio at a given time. By updating project information and the resource pool, you can identify when resources are more or less utilized in projects. This enables you to focus your limited resources on important projects.

Risk Management: Updating your project and resource data allows you to anticipate potential resource shortages and issues in advance. By acting promptly, you can take measures to minimize or avoid them.

Communication: Updated project information facilitates clear and effective communication with all project stakeholders. Providing current information ensures that everyone is on the same page, and decisions are made based on facts.

Enhanced Effectiveness: Updating your projects and the resource pool helps boost the effectiveness of your project portfolio. Knowing what’s happening in each project and how it relates to others allows you to make quick and effective decisions that advance the portfolio as a whole.

Update Resource Pool Update Resource Pool