Project planning software with time tracking

Anyone faced with the task of selecting project management software today has the opposite problem to that of half a century ago: the choice is huge. And yet making a decision in this regard is unavoidable. Researchers from the American magazine “How to Start a Business” analysed more than 11,000 companies and found that planning helps companies grow 30% faster. Think for yourself.

It’s important to understand that before you start looking for suitable software, it’s worth determining the goals you want to achieve with the help of planning software and - as always - what your budget is.

We can’t help you determine your goals, but we can help you with the rest.

Project planning software with timesheet Projektplanung verbessert die Geschäftsprozesse

Making Project Planning More Efficient with the Use of Suitable Software

Let us inform you about our Rillsoft Cloud. The main feature of the Rillsoft Cloud project management software is perhaps its universal nature. This software allows you to effectively manage a single project or an extensive project portfolio. It is suitable for small-scale craft businesses as well as for implementation in medium-sized or internationally operating companies with many employees and branches in different parts of the world.

Which Project Management Methods to Apply?

There has never been a one-size-fits-all approach to project management. What works well for one project may negatively impact another. Organizations are now exploring hybrid methods that incorporate elements from two or more approaches until they find the one that works best for their project.

Waterfall: Effective for projects with a clear project schedule and no unexpected changes.

Agile: Suitable for projects involving close collaboration with clients and where teams can self-organize and work independently.

Waterfall-Agile Hybrid: Ideal for projects where phased execution is appropriate, there are self-organizing teams, but high-level long-term planning is required.

Scrum: Teams have defined roles and are more involved in project planning. Work is done in defined time periods known as sprints.

Kanban: Work is done continuously as needed, making it excellent for evaluating and accelerating project execution and making workflows more efficient.

Scrumban: A hybrid approach combining the continuous workflow of Kanban with key Scrum elements such as iteration planning, task prioritization, and meeting frequency.

Which business processes can project planning software improve?

Project management is influenced by the development and dissemination of data collection and data analysis. As a result, automation of many administrative tasks that project managers perform can occur. These tasks include:

  • creating and maintaining Gantt charts, project structure plans, requirement lists, network plans,
  • esource allocation, task assignment,
  • budget and deadline calculations.

You don't need to be a data analysis expert to prepare for the digital transformation, but it's important to understand the company's plans for IT solutions to anticipate changes in roles and daily operations.

Project management solutions significantly optimize business processes:

  • by removing monotonous administrative work
  • collecting project data and generating useful reports
  • Identify risks, probabilities of errors and irregularities
  • reducing the risk of human errors
  • freeing up time for management

How to Prepare for New Requirements with Project Planning Tools?

Remote work has become our new reality. Project managers must focus on planning, regular communication with teams, and optimal process organization.

There are different project management methods; do not focus on one because every project needs a different approach or hybrid methods.

Interacting with people is a significant part of managers' work, so pay attention to developing soft skills for success.

Planning solutions will be used everywhere, making your work much more manageable, but it's important to know the company's plans for digitization and learn how to work with IT solutions.

Project management now serves the implementation of the company's strategy. It's essential to look beyond and understand how the company's individual projects relate to each other and to the company's strategic goals.

To successfully implement changes in the company, they must be managed as projects. This is another focus for project managers.

Project planning implies the use of specific control and management tools, typically project management software that combines all the necessary functions in a user-friendly and clear interface. Today's software market offers a wide range of such project planning products, each with its own distinctive features and characteristics.

  • Learn more about new technologies and how they can impact your company's performance.
  • Develop training programs to introduce teams to new technologies.
  • Prepare in advance. Planning solutions will be used everywhere; do not be discouraged from acquiring new skills.
  • Develop a change management plan as part of the overall project plan. It should outline the steps and protocols your team will follow.
  • Consider a hybrid project management methodology.
  • Strategically and operationally implement project planning software with time tracking to successfully complete your projects and complex portfolios.