Split Project into Individual Subprojects and Archive Collective Project

Split Project Split Project

This feature is only included with Rillsoft Project with Integration Server and Rillsoft Cloud.

Split Project - Enables Multi-User Collaboration

A project is divided into several projects based on its subprojects. Each subproject is saved as a separate project in a predefined directory. These saved projects are then added to a collective project.


  • There should be at least one subproject
  • No tasks at the top project level
  • No added documents should be present at the top project level

Splitting a larger project into multiple separate projects and then adding these projects to a collective project can significantly enhance and improve collaboration among multiple users. This approach allows individual project teams or planners to focus more effectively on their specific tasks, eliminating downtime while waiting for other project teams to work on their areas.

Subsequently, consolidating these individual projects into a collective project and then into a project portfolio allows project managers to gain an overview of the entire portfolio status. This makes monitoring and management more straightforward, both for individual projects and collective projects by project managers, and for the entire project portfolio by executives, as all the essential information is centralized.

Overall, the combination of collective projects and a project portfolio can greatly enhance collaboration and coordination among multiple users, contributing to more effective and efficient project completion.

Archive Collective Project

When the projects that belong to the collective project have been completed, you can use the Archive Collective Project feature to add them to a project and archive them.

Archive Collective Project Archive Collective Project