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Holiday planning has been offered in previous versions of Rillsoft Project. Employees can use a user-friendly web interface to enter their desired vacation dates, and Rillsoft automatically checks for possible overlaps with planned tasks. After a successful collision check, the dates are submitted for approval by supervisors. However, in Rillsoft Project 8, only supervisors could view and approve employee vacation dates.

With the introduction of Rillsoft Project 9 with RIS (Rillsoft Integration Server), holiday planning has been significantly improved and made more flexible. What’s particularly interesting is the introduction of various group calendars in Rillsoft Project 9. These calendars can now be easily created for teams or departments, with an employee able to belong to multiple groups simultaneously. This makes holiday planning extremely flexible.

By implementing group calendars, team members can view the vacation dates of their group members.

This transparency leads to improved collaboration and coordination within teams, as colleagues can better align their own vacation plans with the absence of others. This helps avoid bottlenecks, increases efficiency, and ensures smooth project execution.

Thanks to these new features, holiday planning in Rillsoft Project 9 is significantly optimized, benefiting both employees and supervisors by promoting efficient and transparent work processes. The flexibility and the ability to collaborate in different groups make this version a significant advancement in holiday management within organizations.

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