Project controlling software

Project management is a complex process that plays a crucial role in businesses of all sizes and industries. To successfully complete projects and ensure they stay within budget and on schedule, effective project control is of paramount importance. One of the most powerful software solutions that can be used for this purpose is Rillsoft Project. Here, we will delve into the various aspects of project control with Rillsoft Project and how this software can help in efficiently managing and monitoring projects.

Project controlling software
Cloud project controlling software

Project management software: The foundation of project controlling

Before we delve deeper into Rillsoft Project, a project control software, let’s first understand why project management software is so important. Project management software is a central tool for planning, executing, and monitoring projects. It facilitates team collaboration, enables efficient resource management, and promotes transparency and communication in all project phases.

Rillsoft Project is one of the established project management software solutions in the market. It offers a wide range of features and tools to assist project managers and teams in smoothly executing projects. A critical component of this software is project control, which encompasses various tools and functions to ensure that projects adhere to planned timelines and budgets.

In Rillsoft Project, you can save any number of baseline plans. Baseline plans for comparison are a central element of project control in a software solution. These plans represent the original project goals and schedules, serving as a reference point to assess current project progress. The software allows users to compare these baseline plans with current project developments to identify deviations and take appropriate corrective actions.

Furthermore, dynamic baseline plans are available. A Dynamic Baseline Plan in project control software is a flexible instrument that continuously updates to account for changes in the project’s course. This plan adapts to real-time progress, enabling project managers to introduce new information and adjustments in real time. The software offers the capability to compare the dynamic baseline plan with the original plans to determine current performance indicators and deviations.

Project controlling tools: A Comprehensive Overview

Project control tools refer to the features and tools within project management software that allow teams to track project progress in real time and make adjustments as needed. The following are some of the key features of project monitoring software Rillsoft Project:

Resource Management

Efficient allocation and management of resources are crucial to project success. Rillsoft Project enables project managers to allocate resources such as personnel, equipment, and materials and monitor their availability over time, ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time.

Project Tracking

Project tracking is an essential aspect of project control software. Rillsoft Project offers tools for tracking the progress of tasks and milestones, allowing teams to ensure they stay on schedule. This feature also enables the identification of delays and the timely initiation of corrective actions.

Time Tracking

The time tracking feature in project control software Rillsoft Project allows team members to record their working hours for tasks and projects. This enables an accurate calculation of working hours and facilitates the actual vs. planned comparison.

Task Tracking

The task tracking feature of project control software Rillsoft Project allows for detailed tracking of tasks and work packages. Project managers can monitor the status of each task in real time and make adjustments as needed.

Project Planning

Project planning is the starting point for any project. Rillsoft Project enables the creation of detailed project plans that include tasks, milestones, and dependencies. These plans serve as a guide for the entire project.

Actual vs. Planned Comparison

Time controlling

The actual vs. planned comparison regarding time allows for comparing the planned project timeline with the actual progress. Rillsoft Project generates schedules and Gantt charts that visually indicate whether the project is on schedule or if there are delays.

The Time Actual vs. Planned Comparison ist eine Funktion in der Projektcontrolling Software, die es ermöglicht, den geplanten Zeitrahmen (Soll) mit dem tatsächlichen Fortschritt (Ist) zu vergleichen. Diese Analyse hilft dabei, Verzögerungen oder Beschleunigungen im Projekt zu erkennen und rechtzeitig Gegenmaßnahmen zu ergreifen, um den Projektzeitplan einzuhalten.

Effort controlling

The actual vs. planned comparison regarding effort allows comparing the planned resource effort for a project with the actual effort. This aids in assessing the actual resource effort and identifying budget overruns.

Effort control in project control software focuses on monitoring and managing the resources needed for the project, including labor hours, material costs, and other types of expenses. The software enables comparing actual effort to the planned budget and identifying budget variances.

Costs controlling

Comparing planned costs to actual costs is a crucial part of project control software. Rillsoft Project allows tracking costs and budgets to ensure that the project stays within its financial limits.

Cost control is an essential aspect of project control. In project control software, users can track and analyze all project costs, including budget comparisons, expense monitoring, and identifying cost variances. The software provides reporting features to assist project managers in budget planning and control.

Budget Management

Rillsoft Project enables the creation and management of project budgets. It automatically alerts when the budget is exceeded and helps identify cost overruns.

Project Budget and Budget Control are key elements of cost management. The software allows for the creation and management of project budgets and offers tools for monitoring budget expenses. Users can identify budget variances and take appropriate measures to keep the project within its financial constraints.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-time views in project management software Rillsoft Project provide a quick overview of the project’s current status. They display key metrics and metrics for schedule, resource effort, and costs, allowing project managers to make immediate decisions.


Effective reporting is crucial for project control software. Rillsoft Project automatically generates reports and dashboards summarizing project progress and performance.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis involves evaluating data to identify trends and patterns. Rillsoft Project provides analysis tools that allow assessing project performance and suggesting improvements.

Project Status Tracking

Project status tracking in Rillsoft Project enables real-time monitoring of the project’s current status. This includes progress, costs, and the project’s schedule.

The Project Progress Monitoring feature in project control software allows real-time monitoring of a project’s progress. It provides clear insights into the status of tasks, milestones, and project goals. Project managers can visually track progress and take actions to identify and address issues or delays early on.


Project control software is crucial for the success of projects, and Rillsoft Project offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to achieve this goal. From resource management to project tracking, budget management, and performance analysis, this software provides everything project managers need to efficiently control and monitor projects.


What advantages does Rillsoft Cloud project control software offer compared to traditional project management methods?

Rillsoft Cloud project control software offers numerous benefits, including real-time project tracking, resource optimization, automatic time tracking, and budget management. Unlike traditional methods, it enables more efficient and precise project control, resulting in cost savings and improved project performance.

How does the software support resource management in projects?

Rillsoft Cloud project control software enables effective resource management by allowing users to allocate and monitor resources such as employees and materials. Real-time resource tracking helps avoid bottlenecks and optimize availability to ensure projects are completed on time.

What performance analysis features are available, and how do they assist in the continuous improvement of projects?

Rillsoft Cloud project control software offers comprehensive performance analysis features, including plan versus actual comparisons regarding time, effort, and costs.

The Plan vs. Actual Time comparison in Rillsoft Cloud project control software is a powerful tool for ensuring project time compliance. It allows companies to compare a project's planned timeframe with actual progress and time delays, enabling project managers to detect whether a project is on schedule or experiencing delays. This helps minimize project delays and ensures projects are completed on time, supporting effective time management and adherence to project schedules.

The Plan vs. Actual Effort comparison allows comparing the planned resource effort for a project with actual resource consumption. This comparison helps ensure efficient resource utilization and prevents overallocation or underallocation of resource capacities. Through the Plan vs. Actual Effort comparison, project managers can take timely actions to reallocate resources or provide additional resources to ensure successful project completion without exceeding the budget or time frame. This contributes to optimizing resource usage in projects.

The Plan vs. Actual Costs feature in Rillsoft Cloud project control software plays a crucial role in monitoring project costs. It enables comparing the planned costs of a project with the actual costs incurred during the project's course. This way, you can identify irregularities and deviations between the initial budget estimates and current costs. The Plan vs. Actual Costs comparison allows project managers and controllers to take early measures to manage the budget effectively and ensure the project stays within financial guidelines. This helps prevent cost overruns and maintains the financial health of the company.

How does Rillsoft Cloud project control software support project planning and tracking?

Rillsoft Cloud project control software offers comprehensive features for project planning and tracking. Users can create project plans, assign tasks, define dependencies, and set milestones. The software also allows real-time progress tracking and provides detailed reports on the current status and performance of projects, optimizing project planning and execution for efficient implementation.