Milestones in Personnel View and Displayed in Collapsed Subprojects

Milestones in Collapsed Subproject Milestones in Collapsed Subproject

Until now, you could only track milestones as separate diamond-shaped symbols that are visually distinct from other task bars in the Gantt chart and appear as special markers on the timeline.

Starting with Rillsoft Project 9, you can also display milestones in resource views such as personnel allocation or capacity matching. The prerequisite is that the corresponding resources are assigned to the milestone.

Furthermore, with this update, you can now represent milestones, such as the completion of a critical project phase, the finalization of a key component, or the achievement of an important deadline, in the Gantt chart and other resource views even when subprojects, partial projects, or resource units are collapsed.

Milestones in Personnel View Milestones in Personnel View