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In some companies, employees work in various work-time models, such as part-time, flextime, or shift work. Project managers should have the ability to assign a specific calendar to each employee based on their individual work-time model. This ensures that project planning aligns with the individual needs and availabilities of the employees.

A shift calendar or multiple work calendars for different time periods can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Starting from Rillsoft Project 9, you can assign multiple work calendars to an employee for different time periods. The different calendar colors help you differentiate between various time frames. The prerequisite is that the calendars to be selected should have been created in the resource pool in the Calendar tab initially.

By using multiple work calendars, a project manager can efficiently utilize their team’s resources. This includes effectively planning employee availability for a project and considering periods of absence.

The shift planning software can be used to organize employee work hours and shifts efficiently, ensuring that operational requirements and employee preferences are taken into account.

Employee shift scheduling is also considered in capacity matching to ensure that workload and resource utilization are in line with capacity requirements.

Shift planning software supports the organization and allocation of work hours for employees in different shifts to ensure smooth operations and meet work requirements while considering employee preferences and work-time regulations.

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